What We Do

ClothingCoats, Socks, Shoes

We supply all manner of clothing, shoes, coats, undergarments, socks, underwear, and winter gear.

ToiletriesSoap, Toothpaste, Deodorant

We supply toiletry kits to the areas homeless.

Blankets & PillowsWarm blankets, pillows, etc.

We supply the homeless with ways to keep warm such as blankets, pillow, sleeping bags, etc..

Medical EquipmentWheelchairs, etc..

New Bedford Homless Advocates will help in any capacity we can.

Tents & BedsSleep and Living Spaces

We make sure no one is left without a roof or place to rest their head.

FoodFood, Supplies, Etc...

Working in conjunction with area churches and Mercy Meals, we strive to leave no one hungry.

TransportationCar Transportation

Ride to shelters, programs, and job interviews.

School SuppliesNotebookds, Pens, Paper

We supply school and office supplies to the homeless in need.

Our Programs

New Bedford Homeless Advocates

Do you want to help? Not sure where to start or who to contact? We make it simple! Click on the button here to get involved!

Our Partners

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